How MacKeeper Saves the Day

I could go on and on about how much of a lifesaver my MacKeeper app has been. Files saver has totally kept me covered on a few occasions when I accidentally deleted my work. Backup has helped me recover all of my work when I dropped my MacBook. There are tons of times that these and other features have been a huge help, making this app an invaluable resource for me and my Mac.

I recently read a testimonial though that has made me realize how MacKeeper can really save the day. There is an antitheft feature that I have thankfully never had to use, and it apparently really works!

A sports writer named Øystein Vik from Norway posted recently that his laptop was stolen after coming home from holiday. He and his group were at the airport, and while loading up the car, he had turned his back for just a moment. When he looked back, his bag that contained his MacBook had been stolen by a local criminal.

Vik was a MacKeeper user, and he remembered the antitheft feature immediately. As soon as he went home, he got onto another computer and accessed his ZeoBIT account to report his MacBook as stolen and activate the MacKeeper antitheft feature. As soon as he did this, MacKeeper was ready to spring into action and collect information on the thief as soon as the internet was accessed.

It took a few days, but when the thief finally logged onto the internet, MacKeeper was ready. The application started to gather location information, recorded IP addresses, and it even took photos of the culprit while he surfed the web with Vik’s stolen MacBook. All of this information was then forwarded to Vik, and he was able to take the data to the local police.

Armed with the information that Vik furnished, the authorities went to the thief’s house and recovered his stolen MacBook. In just a matter of hours, the MacBook was safe and sound.

The thief, it turns out, actually knew about MacKeeper and antitheft protection. He wasn’t completely surprised that the police had found him; he knew that this powerful software could be installed on the MacBook that he stole. Hopefully word of MacKeeper starts spreading, and this should make thieves like him think twice before stealing a computer!

I would be absolutely lost without my MacBook; I use it for everything! I know that if I was in Vik’s situation, I’d also want my MacBook back more than anything. I take comfort in knowing that this powerful, effective feature is on my computer since I have MacKeeper. If I didn’t have this protection, there is a good chance I would never ever see my MacBook again in the event of theft; MacKeeper is really my best and only chance of recovering my Mac if someone does steal it. Antitheft is just one more way in which MacKeeper really saves the day, but I still hope that I never need to try this feature for myself!

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