Recover Data

Recover Data with MacKeeper

Almost everyone who uses a computer with any regularity knows that it can be scary when you accidentally delete something from your Mac. Any data loss, whether it be a file, folder, app, or something else altogether, can be a frightening experience. It is even more terrifying if you delete something vital like wedding videos, a term paper, or an important presentation.

No matter how many times this happens, accidentally deleting data that you need probably will always be something scary, but that fright doesn’t need to last for long. There are several ways you can recover this missing data, and one of the best and most powerful solutions is MacKeeper. Here is how data recovery with this software works:

Stay calm

When you panic, you probably won’t be acting as quickly and rationally as you would if you were calm. You can probably get your data back, but you have greater chances of doing it quickly and stress free if you stay calm and confident in the powerful and effective software you are going to use to get your files back.

Don’t do anything else

You should use MacKeeper as soon as you realize your data is missing. You don’t want to keep working on other things and continue to add new data to your Mac’s hard disk. As you save new data, you could very well accidentally overwrite the files that you want to recover, and this will make those file nearly impossible to recover. If you overwrite files, you may never be able to recover them, even with a professional recovery service.

Have MacKeeper on your system

You should have your data recovery solution on your computer before you need to use it. As MacKeeper is a bundled app with several other helpful features that you surely will want to use all the time, this app is probably something you want on your system whether or not you have an immediate need for it.If you already have the software on your machine, you can simply choose to activate the files recovery feature when necessary. You can download MacKeeper when you need to recover data, but you do then run the risk of overwriting what you are trying to get back.

Use files recovery

The files recovery element is powerful and effective in finding data that has been accidentally eliminated from your Mac for any number of reasons. To use files recovery, you simply have to open this element in the MacKeeper application. You will scan your system using a deep scan to uncover all recently removed data. When the deep scan is complete, you will be presented with a list of recoverable files, and you select the ones that you want to have on your system again, and in a couple of clicks, MacKeeper has restored everything for you.


Losing data on your Mac is scary, but it doesn’t need to be. With MacKeeper, data recovery can be a simple, easy process that lets you get your files back without the stress.