How MacKeeper Saves the Day

I could go on and on about how much of a lifesaver my MacKeeper app has been. Files saver has totally kept me covered on a few occasions when I accidentally deleted my work. Backup has helped me recover all of my work when I dropped my MacBook. There are tons of times that these and other features have been a huge help, making this app an invaluable resource for me and my Mac.

I recently read a testimonial though that has made me realize how MacKeeper can really save the day. There is an antitheft feature that I have thankfully never had to use, and it apparently really works!

A sports writer named Øystein Vik from Norway posted recently that his laptop was stolen after coming home from holiday. He and his group were at the airport, and while loading up the car, he had turned his back for just a moment. When he looked back, his bag that contained his MacBook had been stolen by a local criminal.

Vik was a MacKeeper user, and he remembered the antitheft feature immediately. As soon as he went home, he got onto another computer and accessed his ZeoBIT account to report his MacBook as stolen and activate the MacKeeper antitheft feature. As soon as he did this, MacKeeper was ready to spring into action and collect information on the thief as soon as the internet was accessed.

It took a few days, but when the thief finally logged onto the internet, MacKeeper was ready. The application started to gather location information, recorded IP addresses, and it even took photos of the culprit while he surfed the web with Vik’s stolen MacBook. All of this information was then forwarded to Vik, and he was able to take the data to the local police.

Armed with the information that Vik furnished, the authorities went to the thief’s house and recovered his stolen MacBook. In just a matter of hours, the MacBook was safe and sound.

The thief, it turns out, actually knew about MacKeeper and antitheft protection. He wasn’t completely surprised that the police had found him; he knew that this powerful software could be installed on the MacBook that he stole. Hopefully word of MacKeeper starts spreading, and this should make thieves like him think twice before stealing a computer!

I would be absolutely lost without my MacBook; I use it for everything! I know that if I was in Vik’s situation, I’d also want my MacBook back more than anything. I take comfort in knowing that this powerful, effective feature is on my computer since I have MacKeeper. If I didn’t have this protection, there is a good chance I would never ever see my MacBook again in the event of theft; MacKeeper is really my best and only chance of recovering my Mac if someone does steal it. Antitheft is just one more way in which MacKeeper really saves the day, but I still hope that I never need to try this feature for myself!

Methods To Eliminate Applications From Mac System

There exist heaps of free or affordable and marvelous programs all over which an individual may use in Mac; the major snag is the programs take HDD storage, that we know is merely fixed in magnitude. Since the software turned digital, each application eats up even greater space than in awhile back – filling up hard disk drive storage is common these days. It’s mandatory to get rid of several packages to load others, save important information or just to boost system operation. If you need to see techniques on how to uninstall programs on mac, I am going to list you some essential secrets here you might see incredibly beneficial.

 The Package’s Remover
Macintosh’s installations happen to be suitably laid out and all its dependencies are kept at a single location. In order to remove an app, start by tracing the internal uninstaller by pressing the ctrl key above the package’s picture then choosing “show package contents”. Within the listing, run a link to uninstall the application entirely.

 Drag into trash
Among the very familiar method on how to uninstall applications on mac encompasses dragging the folder items into trash. A person could hold the ctrl key then click. From the menu appearing | which comes up, choose “move to trash”.

 Do dragging and dropping to trash work?
Users believe in a mistaken belief that drag-dropping a package to trash wholly removes the program’s dependencies data as well as every one sign of the program though it every so often can’t, like utility remover of the program. Should you make use of these techniques, it is imperative that you do a cleanup subsequent to uninstallation in order to do away with preferences, such files, links and more related files.

 Cleaning up subsequent to uninstalling
Look for and expunge the app’s settings files commonly stored in library directory. These data files commonly keep applications options as well as other configurations, should you intend to reload the software in the near future, you may let alone the directory. A few applications come with lots of fonts which use a large storage space. Notice that many fonts alters the performance of a system.
Doing away with every file associated with the package can be a trivial duty and the first thing you should be sure of is to be logged in as admin. There are some apps that won’t trash downright and may need an extra uninstallation. These are the simple methods on how to remove programs from mac the right way.

Transitioning To Mac Systems

Mac computer systems have normally been known to be faster in their processing. Macintosh systems are known for their consistency and also end user friendliness. The top cause of this stability as well as remarkable functionality is the relentless initiatives of Apple to work through the problems parts prior to releasing their operating systems formally. Their own initiatives are making Macintosh devices the best option for pc owners. The Macintosh OS Leopard has been built to offer the users a greatly good and strong platform. Going by praises of any Mac review, you would learn that this specific product hardly ever disappoints its owners if utilized with proper care and proper routine maintenance.

Another commendable capability that any Mac product gives to its owners is the sound as well as steady operating-system making it a good alternative, each for individual and official usage. Macintosh system also comes with a variety of really effective software programs including iChat, iLife, Safari as well as other superb programs making it really interesting for an average pc user. As per most Mac software reviews, the famous web browser from Apple company known as “Safari” is easily the quickest browser obtainable in the Internet these days.

As mentioned earlier, Macintosh OS is pleasant and reliable. It allows the owners of various other tools like MS Windows to switch to this specific system without much inconvenience. The Bootcamp feature in Mac system lets any kind of addicted Windows user to understand the way of utilizing the system of Mac with utmost convenience. What’s best of all is the fact that a Macintosh computer system operator can get pleasure from all the features of MS Windows whilst working on the OS Leopard. The Macintosh operators may install Microsoft Windows on their own Mac machine once they deploy virtual computer programs like Parallel Desktop or VMware fusion for Macintosh to operate Microsoft Windows on their Macintosh devices.

MS Windows operators additionally find it invaluable since most of Windows software applications are nowadays built to be backed for numerous systems and hence can also be found for Macintosh platform. A Microsoft operator, that has lately moved to Macintosh system, can be glad to be aware that these people may now take advantage of the interface of applications like Microsoft Office on Mac device just as these people are accustomed to experience on Windows. Yet another extraordinary facility that is included with this feature is that any kind of data files that have been created in Microsoft Office could be edited as well as personalized within the Macintosh system without needing to create these from start.

Macintosh is definitely reliable as well as risk-free machine. Since Apple alone supplies the equipment as well as application for the machines, hence it’s utterly hard for any trojans or infected applications to break into the Macintosh computer through the back-door. Mac computers are made in an efficient manner to be able to self-protect on their own from the complex glitches of all sorts, thus leading them to be normally very secure as well as dependable to utilize. A Macintosh operator doesn’t need to fear of different viruses and malwares invading the computer system, as is the situation with virtually all other operating systems present in the marketplace.